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Floral 20-20-20

Floral 20-20-20

Floral 20-20-20 is the essential nourishment for all cultivated plants. It is a formulation for leaf application which adds to a perfect balance of the macro and micro-elements high absorption characteristics. Floral 20-20-20 stands out thanks to the high purity and quality of its components that enable to obtain a complete solubilization of the product and a low salinity solution The formulation moreover contains tackifiers and substances which help the movement of the nutrients inside the plants improving, in this way, the absorption of the product through the leaves and the quick transport of the nutritive elements where they are needed. The chelated microelements and the systematic use of the product assure the complete prevention of the most common disorders caused by imbalances or deficiencies due to the lack of micronutrients. FLORAL 20-20-20 can be used with good results on all crops in every period of their vegetative cycle. Its balanced formulation is particularly suitable during post flowering stages, when the fruit/vegetables need to reach the right size and a perfect physiological ripening. The constant use of FLORAL 20-20-20 allows to effectively complete plants’ fertilization improving their development, helping them to recover after physiological or environmental stress periods (eg. water stagnations ) and increasing yield capacity both regarding quality and quantity.



Packing Size: 2.5 KG
NPK Ratio: 20:20:20

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