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Floral K

Floral K

Floral K is a leaf absorption preparation which is particularly indicated for the late biological stages of all ornamental and agricultural crops. Its ratio of NPK, slightly in favour of potassium and its highly balanced trace elements ensure a fully effective completion of the plants productive cycle. The high purity and quality of the nutrients contained enable to obtain a complete solubilisation of the product and a low salinity solution.
The formulation moreover contains adhesive and “transmitting” substances which improve the absorption of the leaves and enable a quick transport of the nutrients where they are needed. Use of FLORAL K is suited for all crops and is especially recommended during the final vegetative stages or before winter stasis, i.e. when the plants must enrich their stems, roots and tubers with nutritive substances, ensure a perfect ripening of their fruit and in the case of ornamental plants, enhance petal colour. FLORAL K has a beneficial effect on production quality improving oil content in oleaginous plants, the sugar level in beet and grapes, and inducing deeper colour, flavour and scent in fruits.



Size: 2.5 KG
NPK Ratio: 12-5-35

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