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Floral N

Floral N

Floral N is a formulation easily absorbed by leaves, particularly suited for the first vegetative stages of all ornamental and agricultural crops. The special NPK ratio with high nitrogen content and the presence of chelated microelements ensures to the plants a good vegetative development and a complete prevention of the most common plant diseases caused by microelements deficiency. The high pureness and quality of the nutritive elements enable to obtain a complete solubilization of the product and the formation of a low salinity solution. The formulation, moreover , contains adhesive and “transmitting” substances which improve the absorption through the leaves and enable a quick transport of the nutritious elements where they are needed.
Floral N can be used with very good results on all crops and is particularly suited for the first vegetative phases during which plants form the new roots, prepare flowering and fecundation, set fruit and produce the biggest quantity of dry matter, it’s during this phase that nitrogen is needed in great quantities. Applications with Floral N are particularly useful to young weak and nitrogen avid plants, mainly those grown in loose or poor in organic matter soils.



Packing Size: 2.5 Kg
NPK Ratio: 20:20:20

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